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  1.We accept FOB.我们接受FOB方式付款

  2.Collection is not paid.托收款未得照付

  3.We'd like to pay in U.S. dollars.我们想用美圆付款

  4.We don't think you'll refuse to pay.我们相信你们不会拒付

  5.Let's talk about terms of payment today.我们谈谈付款条件吧

  6.We don't think you'll refuse to pay。 我们相信你们不会拒付

  7.What currency would you like to pay for.你想用什么币种付款?

  8.It is more convenient to pay in US dollars.用美元付款较方便

  9.I promise to effect payment next month.我向你保证下个月就付款

  10.I've never made payment in Renminbi before. 我从未用过人民币付款

  11.We can't accept payment on deferred terms. 我们不能接受延期付款

  12.We have settled the terms of payment. 现在我们已经谈妥了付款条件

  13.Which kind of payment terms will you accept?你接受什么样的付款条件?

  14.We've already remitted the amount by cheque. 我们已经将款以支票汇出

  15.Only one refusal of payment is acceptable to the bank.银行只接受一次拒付

  16.We have already made a payment to you on paypal.我们已经在paypal上打款给你了

  17.As regards payment, we've agreed to use U.S. Dollar. 至于付款,我们已同意用美元

  18.In order for us to ship your item(s) to you as soon as possible, you will need to pay an extra.为了让我们能尽快把物品运送到你方,你需要支付额外的费用

  19.L/c is the most commonly used terms of payment for international trade.信用证是目前国际贸易付款方式最常用的一种付款方式

  20.These two kinds of payment methods are more used in the reputable importers and exporters.这两种付款方式多用于信誉比较好的进出口商