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  1.Do you permit arbitration in a third country?你们允许第三国仲裁吗?

  2.We handle many kinds of commercial disputes.我们处理很多种商业纠纷。

  3.Shall we discuss the arbitration clause now? 我们现在可以讨论仲裁条款吗?

  4.What kind of disputes do you usually handle?请问你们通常都受理什么样的争议?

  5.I suppose most cases can be settled through conciliation.大多数案件都可以通过调节解决吧。

  6.I'm sure it's a quick and effective way to settle a dispute.我相信这是又快又有效的解决争议的办法。

  7.What if one party doesn’t follow the decision and award?如果有一方不执行仲裁的决定和判决该怎么办?

  8.It’s the best to attempt to settle disputes without involving arbitration.最好不要通过仲裁来解决争议。

  9.The disputing parties don't have to appear before an arbitration tribunal.争议的各方不需要都亲自到仲裁庭来。

  10.It’s the best to attempt to settle disputes without involving arbitration.我们应尽最大努力解决争议而不含仲裁。

  11.We may discuss to agree upon a temporary arbitral body when needed.需要时我们讨论同意成立一个临时的仲裁委员会。

  12.Conciliation can be conducted either face to face or by correspondence.调节可以面对面进行,也可通过函电来进行。

  13.We wish to settle this dispute fairly and suggestthat submit it to arbitration.我们希望公平解决此争端,因此建议提交仲裁。

  14.The conciliation can take place at any time before an arbitral award is made.在仲裁裁决做出以前,任何时候都可以进行调节。

  15.We are now applying formally to the arbitration commission for arbitration of this dispute.我们现在正式向仲裁委员会就此争议仲裁。

  16.If you don’t accept our propositions, we might submit the matter to arbitration.若你方不接受我方的建议,我们可能将事端交与仲裁。

  17.The case is referred to arbitation in accordance with the arbitration in accordacne with the arbitation clause.那就根据仲裁条款提交仲裁。

  18.Let me just briefly tell you about a new method of conciliation we've worked out. It's called joint conciliation.我简单给你介绍一下我们创造的一种新的调节方法,叫做“联合调节”。

  19.Upon application, the two arbitral bodies each appoint one or more conciliators on an equal basis to conciliate the case jointly.接到申请以后,两个仲裁机构各指定一个或数目相等的几个调解员共同调节案件。

  20.It have been extremely interesting to learn a little about your way of resolving contractual disputes through friendly negotiation and conciliation.我听到一点关于通过友好协商和调节来解决合同争议的做法,我非常感兴趣。

  21.The exhibits are quite spectacular.展品相当可观。

  22.We can get the contract finalized now.我们现在可以把合同定下来。

  23.You are interested in recycled products?你对可回收的产品感兴趣吗?

  24.Last year we had 60,000 visitors to the fair.去年到会的来宾有6万人。

  25.Whatever you need, don't be afraid to ask.无论你需要什么,不要害怕问。

  26.You're interested in the petrochemical displays?你想看看石油化工产品吗?

  27.Would you tell me the main items you export?你能告诉我你出口的主要商品吗?

  28.I wish we could have been at the opening ceremonies.可惜我们没有赶上开幕式。

  29.We're looking at making our product greener.我们正在努力使我们的产品更环保。

  30.Could I have some information about your scope of business?能告诉我你的业务范围吗?

  31.There's a lot to look at, isn't there? Pleasejust take your time.有很多东西要看,不是吗?慢慢来。

  32.The Fair has become very important in China's foreign trade.交易会已经成为我国对外贸易的重要渠道。

  33.If you have any question, let me know. I'm happy to help.如果你有什么问题,请告诉我。我很高兴有帮助。

  34.You can meet suppliers from all over China to discuss things like that.你可以同来自全国的供货商讨论这类问题。

  35.The Trading Delegation for Machinery and Equipment is in Hall.机械设备交易团在五号馆。