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  1.小心 Care

  2.勿掷 Don’t Cast

  3.易碎 Fragile 小心轻放

  4.小心装运 Handle With Care

  5.起吊点(此处起吊) Heave Here

  6.易燃物,避火 Inflammable

  7.保持干燥,防泾 Keep Dry

  8.防潮 keep Away from Moisture

  9.储存阴冷处 Keep in a Cool Place

  10.储存干燥处 Keep in a Dry Place

  11.请勿倒置 Keep Upright

  12.请勿倾倒 Not to Be Tipped

  13.避冷 To be Protected from Cold

  14.避热 To be Protected from Heat

  15.在滚子上移动 Use Rollers

  16.此方向上 This Side Up

  .17.由此开启 Open from This Side


  19.易燃品 Inflammable

  20.遇.水燃烧品 Dangerous When Wet

  21.有毒品 Poison

  22.无毒品 No Poison

  23.不可触摩 Hand off

  24.适合海运包装 Seaworthy Packing

  25.毛重 Gross Weight (Gr.Wt.)

  26.净重 Net Weight (Nt.Wt)

  27.皮重 Tare Weight

  28.包装唛头 Packing Mark

  29.包装容积 Packing Capacity

  30.包袋件数 Packing Number

  31.小心玻璃 Glass

  32.易碎物品 Fragile

  33.易腐货物 Perishable

  34.液体货物 Liquid

  35.切勿受潮 Keep Dry/Caution Against Wet

  36.怕冷 To Be Protected from Cold

  37.怕热 To Be Protected from Heat

  38.怕火 Inflammable

  39.上部,向上 Top

  40.此端向上 This Side Up

  41.勿用手钩 Use No Hooks

  42.切勿投掷 No Dumping

  43.切勿倒置 Keep Upright

  44.切勿倾倒 No Turning Over

  45.切勿坠落Do Not Drop/No Dropping

  46.切勿平放 Not to Be Laid Flat

  47.切勿压挤 Do Not Crush

  48.勿放顶上 Do Not Stake on Top

  49.放于凉处Keep Cool/Stow Cool

  50.干处保管Keep in Dry Place

  51.勿放湿处 Do Not Stow in Damp Place

  52.甲板装运 Keep on Deck

  53.装于舱内 Keep in Hold

  54.勿近锅炉 Stow Away from Boiler

  55.必须平放 Keep Flat/Stow Level

  56.怕光 Keep in Dark Place

  57.怕压 Not to Be Stow Below Other Cargo

  58.由此吊起 Lift Here

  59.挂绳位置 Sling Here

  60.重心 Centre of Balance

  61.着力点Point of Strength

  62.用滚子搬运 Use Rollers

  63.此处打开 Opon Here

  64.暗室开启 Open in Dark Room

  65.先开顶部 Romove Top First

  66.怕火,易燃物 Inflammable

  67.氧化物 Oxidizing Material

  68.腐蚀品 Corrosive

  69.压缩气体Compressed Gas

  70.易燃压缩气体Inflammable Compressed Gas

  71.毒品 Poison

  72.爆炸物 Explosive

  73.危险品 Hazardous Article

  74.放射性物质Material Radioactive

  75.立菱形 Upright Diamond

  76.菱形 Diamond Phombus

  77.双菱形 Double Diamond

  78.内十字菱形 Gross in Diamond

  79.四等分菱形 Divided Diamond

  80.突角菱形Diamond with Projecting Ends

  81.斜井形 Projecting Diamond

  82.内直线菱形 Line in Diamond

  83.内三线突角菱形 Three Line in Projecting Diamond

  84.三菱形 Three Diamond

  85.附耳菱形 Diamond with Looped Ends

  86.正方形 Square Box

  87.长方形 Rectangle

  88.梯形 Echelon Formation

  89.平行四边形 Parallelogram

  90.井筒形 Intersecting Parallels

  91.五边形 Pentagon

  92.六边形 Hexagon

  93.长六边形 Long Hexagon

  94.圆形 Circle/Round

  95.二等分圆 Bisected Circle

  96.双环形 Crossed Circle

  97.双圆形 Double Circle

  98.双带圆形 Zoned Circle

  99.长圆形 Long Circle

  100.椭圆形 Oval

  101.双缺圆形 Double Indented Circle

  102.圆内三角形 Triangle in Circle

  103.三角形 Triangle

  104.六角星形 Hexangular Star

  105.二重三角形 Double Triangle

  106.对顶三角形 Hourgrass Touching Triangle

  107.内外三角形 Three Triangle

  108.十字形 Cross

  109.圆内十字形 Cross in Circle

  110.山角形 Angle

  111.义架形 Crotch

  112.直线 Line

  113.月牙形 Crescent

  114.心形 Heart

  115.星形 Star

  116.包装情况 Packing Condition

  117.散装 In Bulk

  118.块装 In Block

  119.条装 In Spear

  120.片装 In Slice

  121.捆(扎)装 In Bundle

  122.裸装 In Nude

  123.裸散装 Bare in Loose

  124.木托架立装 Straightly Stand on Wooden Shelf

  125.传统包装 Traditional Packing

  126.中性包装 Neutral Packing

  127.水密Water Tight

  128.气密 Air Tight

  129.不透水包 Water Proof Packing

  130.不透气包 Air Proof Packing

  131.薄膜 Film Membrane

  132.透明纸 Transparent Paper

  133.牛皮纸 Kraft Paper

  134.地沥青牛皮纸Bituminous Kraft Paper

  135.腊纸 Waxpaper

  136.厚板纸 Cardboard Paper

  137.蒲、苇 Bulrush mat

  138.防水纸 Water Proof Paper

  139.保丽龙(泡沫塑料)Poly Foam(SnowBox)

  140.竹条Bamboo Batten

  141.竹篾 Bamboo Skin


  143.铜丝 Brass Wire

  144.外捆麻绳Bound with Rope Externally

  145.外裹蒲包,加捆铁皮Bale?Matted Iron-band-strapped Outside

  146.块装外加塑料袋Block Covered with Poly Bag

  147.每件外套一塑料袋 Each Piece Wrapped in a Poly Bag

  148.机器榨包不带包皮Press Packed Bale without Wrapper

  149.机器榨包以铁皮捆扎 Press Packed in Iron Hooped Bale

  150.用牢固的纸箱装运 Packed in Strong Carton

  151.适合于长途海洋运输 Suitable for Long Distance Ocean Transportation

  152.适合出口海运包装 Packed in Seaworthy Carton for Export

  153.全幅卷筒 Full with Rolled on Tube

  154.每卷用素包聚乙烯袋装 Each Roll in Plain Poly Bag

  155.混色混码 With Assorted Colours Sizes

  156.每隔--码烫有边印With Selvedge Stamped Internally at Every--Yards

  157.用…隔开 Portioned with

  158.纸屑 Paper Scrap

  159.纸条 Paper Slip

  160.纸带 Paper Tape