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  1.We are surprised to find in your Order No,789 that there is a clause requiring insurance to be effected against All Risks and War Risk for overland transportation to Hong Kong, it is beyond our comprehension that the goods for overland transportation should be insured against War Risk, We presume that this may be an oversight on your side and hope you will cross out "WAR RISK" from the insurance caluse immediately.

  我们从你789号订单惊讶地发现,有一条款需要对陆运到香港货物投保一切险和战争险陆。 对陆上运输货物投保战争险这超出了我们的理解,我们推测这可能是在你方的疏忽,希望你会立刻把“战争险” 从你的保险条中划掉。

  2.Please cover for us (cover us on) the goods detailed below ....


  3.Please hold us covered for (on) the commodities listed on the attached sheet.


  4.The cargo is to be insured warehouse to warehouse.


  5.This consignment is to be covered under our open cover terms.


  6.We leave the insurance arrangement to you but we wish to have the goods covered against All Risks and War Risk.


  7.We thank you for your instructions to arrange the shipment of .... We take it that you wish us to insure this cargo against usual risks, for the value of the goods plus freight.


  8.We will effect insurance against All Risks, as requested, charging premium and freight to the consignees.


  9.We shall be pleased if you will arrange to insure the goods on our behalf against A.R. at invoice value plus 10%.

  如果你能代表我们按发票金额加10%投保货物一切险,我们会很高兴 。

  10.The extra premium will of course be refunded to you upon receipt of your debit note, or, if you like, you may draw a sight draft on us for the amount.


  11.Your Order No.789 calls for the goods to be insured for 150% of the invoice value, Usually the amount of insurance, is 110% of the invoice value, Should you insist on 150%, the additional premium should be borne by you.


  12.We have noted that you require the insurance to be covered against Risk of Breakage, However,please be informed that our CIF price include insurance to cover W.P.A. only and if you wish to have the Risk of Breakage included in the coverage, you must bear the additional premium.


  13.We are pleased to inform you that we have covered the goods with The People's Insurance Company of China against All Risks for USD5000 as per CIC of 1 January 2009. However, if you wish to have the insurance covered on I.C.C. conditions we are also able to do so.


  14.Since our order was placed on CIF basis and you covered the insurance, we should appreciate it if you would file the insurance claim with the insurers, The People's Insurance Company of China, for an early settelment.


  15.The insurance shall terminate when the goods are delivered to the consignee's warehouse at the destination named in the policy, The cover, however, is limited to 60 days upon discharge of the insured goods from the carrying vessel at the final port of discharge before the insured goods reach the consignee's warehouse.


  16.The insured should promptly submit an insurance claim to the insurer or its agent so as to provide the latter with ample time to pursue recovery from the relative party in fault.


  17.Please insure for us (Insure us on) the following...